Wildlife Week! How Can You Help Protect Wildlife?

This week was National Wildlife Week 2022 - A celebration originating in America and now across the globe. 


We took this week as an opportunity to talk to friends and family about protecting wildlife and how our daily lives impact local creatures.


The world’s wildlife is being lost up to 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate. So, what can YOU do to help?!


Reduce your carbon footprint

Habitats all over the globe are being affected by climate change, from the polar ice caps melting, to bushfires in hotter areas. Climate change is happening NOW and we must take action. Wildlife habitats are being destroyed every single day and creatures are dying. We must all pull together now to prevent it getting any worse. You can reduce your carbon footprint by limiting meat consumption, avoiding plastic use, walk where possible, reduce energy use at home… The list is endless!


 Reduce rubbish

 Make sure any rubbish you do have in bins is secured away. Litter can be a choking risk to local wildlife, as well as plastics and chemicals being toxic to animals. Try reduce waste overall by composting and recycling where possible.


Plant native plants in your garden

This gives a habitat and food for local wildlife. Make sure to avoid using pesticides as they can be detrimental to local insects. Plants and flowers can also provide shelter for little creatures and helps increase biodiversity!


Drive with caution

Keep an eye out for local wildlife when driving to avoid collisions with local creatures. Be careful on country roads and areas where people are scarce, as it’s more likely to be populated with wildlife. Driving more carefully can also minimise pollution via exhaust fumes, which are also detrimental to local creatures.


Shop sustainably

 Try buy products that don’t harm the environment. Buy products from more sustainable sources, like bamboo instead of plastic. Avoid items that contain palm oil – Deforestation is destroying habitats to make way for palm plantations.


Donate to local zoos and nature conservations

It costs a lot to run these, so any contribution will help! It can cost thousands of pounds per day to ensure animals and their habitats are cared for. Your donation will really make a difference.


All these ways can truly help save our wildlife. They are crucial to our existence! Whether you take steps to now reduce your carbon footprint or look into planting some wildflowers in your garden, the smallest steps count. 


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